Welcome to Anchors Aweigh, a small batch men's grooming company founded by U.S. Army Paratrooper turned Hair Stylist, Benjamin David Miller.

We strive to promote confidence, adventure, and new beginnings through clarity and meaning. Metaphorically, both in life and style, “Anchors Aweigh" encapsulates the essence of a journey, the highs and lows that we encounter when setting sail and living our own lives. We can play it safe by letting down the anchor, but will we ever get to where we want to go?

Learn more about Anchors Aweigh and the artisan founder/maker Benjamin David.



Anchors Aweigh Hair, Skin and Shave Products


Do you need hair pomade? Check out ours! Matte Hair Paste, Strong Hold PomadeClassic Shine Pomade, Soft Hair Pomade, all geared to fit your hair styling needs.

Do you need hair styling clay? We have a signature Vegan Hair Clay that will rock your world!

Do you have a beard? Try our hydrating Beard Balm and Beard Oil!

No beard? We have an awesome line of Vegan Skin and Shave products.

For skin we have Calm Seas Face Wash and Face Moisturizer.

For shave we have Calm Seas Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream and Cooling Face Butter.

We also have an amazing sulfate-free Teddy Boy Shampoo and Conditioner.



Climb aboard and surf through our catalog to solve your hair, skin and shave needs.

We use only the best natural waxes and butters, essential oils, herbal extracts and paragon free preservatives.

There is no petroleum or harsh ingredients and all products and produced in small batches for the freshness of quality.


Try premium an Anchors Aweigh hair, skin and shave products today, satisfaction guaranteed.