A Dude Named Ben


Benjamin David Miller grew up in a family of child evangelists. His Mother, Father, and older Brother Gabriel traveled the East Coast dressed like clowns and doing puppets to preach the gospel. He went to several schools in several different states and lived in 22 homes by the time he was 15. Some months were spent staying in tents and in converted sheds and some months living with friends and family.


When he was 11, he and his brother started playing punk rock. Ben played drums while his brother sang and they both wrote music. Ben signed his first record deal when he was 14 and a second at 17. They had a ton of different major record company interest, but Ben’s brother was battling addictions, so nothing ever worked out.


At 18, he decided to join the military. After serving as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, he got out when he was 22. 2 weeks before his Army discharge, his brother, bandmate, and only friend for most of his life died from a drug overdose. Gabriel was only 25.


Jobless and grief-struck, he moved out Los Angeles for a short time and then to Dallas TX, where he decided to pursue a career in hair styling. In 2009 he attended the TONI & GUY Hair Dressing Academy in Carrollton, TX and worked for a few salons. He had always loved the idea of owning a company that would be a platform to help others and he was in desperate need of a hair product that worked for him, so he started formulating products and eventually started Anchors Aweigh Hair Company.


In 2012 Ben went down to his basement and started researching ingredients and learning chemistry, marketing, web design, shipping, and every other aspect of how to run a product business.


In 2013 Anchors Aweigh Hair Co. was born. The rest of the story is still being written.


Even though he still smells and he's definitely not rich, Ben remembers how hard it was to be the “smelly, poor kid” in school that everyone counted out. He is appreciative of the hard work and humbleness that it brought him, but it still left scars. He hopes he can keep instilling confidence, promoting health consciousness, and keep helping others live a better quality of life.