What's Hot and What's Not for Hair in 2020

What's Hot and What's Not for Hair in 2020 | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

Men's Hair Styles

The great thing about men's hairstyles these days is that there are less rules and more flexibility. Men also have a larger array of products to help them achieve any look they desire. This includes products made with all-natural ingredients.

Regardless of style, from laid back beachgoer to high powered suits, these modern cuts are as versatile as they are trending. 

You don't have to take our word for it, get the opinion of other guys. This is also a great way to find the inspiration you need to update your hairstyle. 

What's Hot

There are some great new looks for the 2020 season. Good news, if you have found the perfect look you don't have to give it up, just modernize to stay on-trend. Another benefit for the modern man, trends evolve slower for men's cuts than they do for women. 

Another great thing this season is that hair type is not an issue. There are many options for thick, thin, curly, or straight hair.

The Beard

The beard is here to stay for the modern man. The key is to keep it well-groomed, choose the right beard style for your face shape, and choose the right cut to finish off your look

When it comes to beard grooming the right products will help to keep your beard healthy and maintained. You should not use the same products for your beard and your hair.

Consider these beard and hair cut combos. If you prefer a fuller beard, think about a shorter and tighter hairstyle. If you love to have some length in your hair, consider a closer cut on your beard.

Thick Hair, Don't Care

Thick hair can look great when it is well maintained but work against you when it isn't. Hot trends for thick hair can be anything from slick to messy. Using a strong hold pomade will keep the look from fading throughout the day. 

The faux hawk fade will continue to be a hit this year and works well with your thick hair.

Straight Hair Wins

If you have thin hair, you have a lot of options for a great look in the upcoming year. Holding clay can help you achieve almost any look. A hot style for 202o is textured spikes or angled fringe.

Consider short sides and a longer top, if your hair is straight and you are looking to capture a little more of a messy look. 

Color, Yes

Experiment with color. The bright color trend is not going away, look for a color that matches your personal statement. Other colors that are still great on men is blonde, silver/gray, and copper colors.

Embrace Your Hair

If you have curly hair, look for a cut that lets your curls shine. With curly hair focus on a little longer on top cut to prevent a super tight curled look. 

For men of color, the options are endless, you can let it go and embrace your natural beauty. If your hair is coarse, consider small twists to give yourself a standout look. 

If you prefer the long wavy look, you are in luck, that style is here to stay awhile. 

What's Not

Failing to follow your own personal sense of style is the biggest no-no this season. Other big hair fails are not updating your looks, at least a little.

The ultra-groomed high fade may be over, but you can modernize that look by adding a little length.

If your hair is fine and straight don't just go for the super short cut, let it grow and experiment with different lengths to find the look that makes a statement.

Face Shape

Don't forget, just like a beard should match your face shape, so should your hair. Take a look at your face shape and start to look for hair cuts that accentuate your natural manliness.

If your face is oval, almost anything will look good, so explore. However, if you have a rectangular face you can still have a modern look, just don't choose a look that makes your face look longer than it is. For the guy with a rectangular shaped face consider a side cut.

Men with square-shaped faces should consider an undercut to help balance out their face shape. Proportionality is important for those with a heart-shaped face so check out some directional fringe. 

Just as you have to take into account your face shape, you need to watch out for your natural cowlicks to prevent a fail in your new cut. 

Failing to address sideburns, if you prefer a clean-shaven look, can also be a fail this season. 

The good news is your options for a trendy look this season are endless. Follow the lines of your face and your own personal statement to find the right look for you.

Don't forget to maintain your cut or beard regularly to prevent a fail in the style department. Finally, choose the right product to support your new, modern 2020 look.

Are You Ready to Look Rad?

It takes more than a great cut to make your hair look its best. For men's hairstyles, it is all about the product. Not only is our product top of the line, but it also has a mission to support improved health around the world.

Order yours today to look good and feel good. 

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