What is Hair Clay and Why Do You Need It?!

What is Hair Clay and Why Do You Need It?! | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.
Hair clay has jolted to the top of popularity over recent years for its textured offering and ability to maintain control when hair has a mind of its own.


What the heck is hair clay?

Can it make your hair (or your man's hair) handsome AF? When used correctly, hair clay can make your head of hair stand out from the rest. Have you recently seen a man with a fantastic head of hair and trendy haircut? It's styled "just" right, yet seems to move as he does--without falling out of place. Chances are, this man has mastered the use of hair clay. Are you ready for the next best thing in men's hair styling products? Let us tell you everything you need to know about hair clay and why you (or the men in your life) need it.


What Does Hair Clay Do?

Hair clay isn't pomade or hair gel. Yet, it's a hair product that helps tame a man's hair with style, grace, and flexibility. If you're looking for a hold that's not too soft, not too hard, but just right, hair clay could be the perfect styling product for you. It's often difficult to tell when a man's head of hair stays in place because of hair clay. Most clays have a matte finish. It's also flexible enough for hair to move yet not lose its overall style. Hair clay has become popular in recent years because of its flexibility and the natural-looking finish when you've finished styling your hair. If you want a slicked-back style, hair clay isn't your styling tool. But if you're ready for soft, full, relaxed hair, you need some hair clay in your life.


What's In Hair Clay?

One of the key ingredients in your choice of hair clay should be a "clay"--like kaolin of bentonite. Look for kaolin or other clay elements listed near the top, rather than closer to the bottom of your list of ingredients. If you don't see a clay ingredient, you probably aren't using an actual hair "clay." These products are also water-based or oil-based. Choose the base that works best for your hair type and desired hairstyle. You might find that an aqua-based clay feels lighter on your hair and gives you more days between washing compared to an oil-based clay.


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How Do I Use Hair Clay?

When learning how to use hair clay, start with a small amount from the tin or container. Scoop out a bit of clay with your fingertip, then place it in the palm of your hand. Much like potter's clay, hair clay works best when you've warmed it by working with it. When warm, hair clay becomes more malleable.

•Rub your hands together for about five to ten seconds, making sure the hair clay works between your fingers.


•Make sure your hair is still damp. When you've warmed a small amount of hair clay in your hands, rub your hands through your damp hair. This action attaches the hair clay to your hair.


•After you've applied the product to your hair-- down to the roots--you're free to style it as you wish. Make sure the clay covers all of your hair for best styling results.


•Use a comb or brush for a neat or more well-defined look. Put the comb aside and use your fingers for a rougher, more textured look. There's no need to use a dryer to dry your hair. However, if you prefer, you can use a blow dryer to add more fluff after you've finished applying the hair clay. When you've positioned your hair perfectly AF, you're ready for your day!




Pay Attention to Detail

Using hair clay should be one of the easier ways to style your hair. But, it's not without some tricks to get your hair just right.

•Apply evenly. Rubbing the hair clay evenly over your palms is critical to applying the clay evenly throughout your hair. Avoid clumps to help your hair have a more natural finish and feel after styling.


•Add water for a thinner application. If you feel like you have too much clay, use a smaller amount of product. You can also add water to your palm as you rub the hair clay over your palms. Using less product gives you a lighter hold on your hair. A lighter hold gives you more flexibility, but your style might not hold as well throughout the day.


•Avoid daily washing. Men's hair clay is a favorite styling product for many reasons, including how well it wears without washing your hair every day. Hair clay doesn't collect on your hair and doesn't weigh down your hair. Many men find they can apply a fresh dollop of hair clay daily while only washing their hair every few days. You'll also find that a little bit of hair clay goes a long way. Start with less than you think you need when you scoop a bit out of the clay tin. Add more if you feel your hairstyle needs a little more hold.



Hair Clay Makes Your Hair Awesome AF

The choice is yours when it comes to hair styling products. But for men who want hair that's awesome AF, choose hair clay. Style a lot or a little with hair clay. Dilute it for a lighter hold or keep it thicker for a stronger hold. It's perfect for a variety of men's styles and lengths and works with your mood on any given day. Courage Clay from Anchors Aweigh Hair Co. gives you and your hair the courage for any day and any style. It's vegan, low shine, and packs a firm hold when needed. Shop online or contact us to purchase wholesale for your salon or shop!

Not only will you have rad hair when you shop with us, but you also help us make the world a better place by helping soldiers and refugees with hygiene products around the world.

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