The Worst Grooming Mistakes Every Man Is Guilty Of

The Worst Grooming Mistakes Every Man Is Guilty Of | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

Admit it, you’ve been found guilty of committing seriously horrible grooming mistakes at least once. But you’ve learned your lesson since then, right? Wrong. There are a handful of grooming mistakes that many men still make today. So, to save you the embarrassment, we’ve put together this list to help you stay on top of your grooming game.


You’ve Let Your Nose Hairs Show

If there’s one grooming mistake that is certain to repel people in the other direction, it’s letting your nose hairs grow. Sure, it happens… And the taller you are, the more likely you are to be called out for this, but there’s no excuse. Having straggly nose hairs is a gross grooming problem that is so easily avoidable. There’s no reason for it. Get a nose hair trimmer and trim those stragglers.


Poorly Groomed Facial Hair

Yup, we’ve all been a culprit of this grooming mistake. There are days when you just don’t want to sculpt your full beard into the masterpiece that it is and that is entirely okay. However, if you have never used a beard oil, beard trimmer or beard balm in your life, this is a bad sign. While facial hair is seen as trendy and even desirable now, this only applies to facial hair that is properly groomed and maintained. So, get some men’s grooming products. If this is too much to ask, keep it clean-shaven.


Using Three-In-One Soaps

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Despite three-in-one soap, shampoo and conditioner products being on the market, no one should actually be using them. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that the skin on your body is different than the skin on your face and your hair is an entirely different ballgame. Each has its own set of requirements to ensure a healthy look. So, stop using three-in-one products. Grab our men’s shampoo and conditioner set, and use separate products for your face and body.


Unkempt Eyebrows

Despite your eyebrows being dead smack on your face where everyone looks, it’s shocking how many men fail to realize that their eyebrows are covering their forehead like a fuzzy caterpillar. Eyebrows are one of the most important features on a man’s face, and they can make all the difference in your appearance. So, tidy them up, trim the stragglers and make sure you have two eyebrows and not just one.

You don’t want your eyebrows to look perfect; you just want them to look separate.


Growing Facial Hair Just Because You Can

Facial hair is like a right of passage for men. We can all relate to the first time our face started sprouting some hair and we certainly remember battling our buddies in on who could grow the best facial hair in high school. However, unless you’re still in high school, growing whatever you can grow just because you can grow it is not okay.

As a man with facial hair, you have a responsibility and that responsibility is to keep your beard looking great so people continue to think they’re great. In other words, if every man starts walking around with unmaintained facial hair, this masculine trend will quickly go from dapper to gross.

So, grow facial hair that suits you. Then, take care of it with beard oils and balms.


Getting Your Hair Cut Without a Hairstyle in Mind

Gone are the days where men can plop a bowl on their head and give themselves a fresh cut. The days where men’s hairstyles consisted of either a bowl cut, buzz or mullet are long gone. There are many different trending hairstyles for men that can take your appearance to the next level. So, stop getting a haircut from some cheap salon without knowing what you want. It’s a grooming mistake men have gotten away with for too long.


Now that you know these common grooming mistakes every man has made at least once, it’s time to pick up some quality, top-of-the-line men’s grooming products from Anchors Hair Co.

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