The Most Popular Men's Haircuts of the 21st Centruy

The Most Popular Men's Haircuts of the 21st Centruy | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

The Most Popular Men's Haircuts of 2019

The 1950s were a glorious time for men. This is when tall hairstyles were all the rage, which makes it a great time for pomade manufacturers, as well.

The 1980s were a different time; men were sporting mullets and longer hairstyles. Then, in the ‘90s, men retreated to shorter hairstyles and made them spiky.

Fast forward to today, when most men’s haircuts involve leaving out longer hair at the top and then shorter hair at the sides. Even if that description sounds too generic, though, you can style it in different ways. 

There are also haircuts for men that we’ve borrowed from the previous decades. Read on to see which of these modern hairstyles would suit you.

1. Fade Haircuts

You might already know about fade men’s haircuts, but let’s put that into words. Fade haircuts are aptly called as such because the hair “fades” from the top to the bottom.

The hair length is longest at the top. Then, it tapers off into extreme short lengths right before the ear and the nape.

Under this hairstyle, there are many subcategories that you have to remember if you want your barber to give you the perfect look. 

A high fade haircut starts closer to the top of your head. A low fade haircut starts closer to your ears and neckline. The latter gives a more extreme fading look; in some low fades, the tapering is almost non-existent.

We also have skin fades, wherein the barber blends the hair into the skin. Unlike the two examples above, which ends in short-but-still-there hair, this type shaves the hair at the end. 

2. Undercut Hairstyles

Undercuts start high on the sides, often leaving voluminous hair at the top then short hairs at the sides. This might sound similar to fade haircuts to you, but it has one distinct difference: the hair at the sides is similar in length, which means no tapering. Many modern hairstyles today combine these two into an undercut fade, though.

Like fade haircuts for men, there are many types of undercuts, as well.

A disconnected haircut, for example, features extreme contrast. The barber shaves the hair at the sides, while the hair at the top is longer than usual.

You can also pair this style with other hairstyles below.

3. Line Hairstyles

The is one of the hairstyles that challenges a barber’s creativity and cutting skills. This involves shaving a clear, defined line in any part of the hair. 

One of the most popular looks of a line hairstyle involves an undercut fade. The line is right below the top part, separating the long hair at the top and the fade.

A barber can place the line at any part of the hair, though. In some cases, it’s not even a line but a curve. They can also put two or more lines to achieve the look they want.

4. Quiff

Quiff hairstyles have been around since the 1950s. Evidence: Elvis Presley, whose hair is still revered today.

There’s a slight difference to the modern quiff, however. You only need about 3 inches of hair at the front today. 

Other than that, the rest of the hair is shorter. Then, you have to take that bulge of hair and curve it backward.

The shorter length makes this more manageable. Even so, it still requires a lot of time for you to achieve a perfect quiff. It requires the right product and then a blow-dry at the end. Pomade is best for a sleek finish, while a wax is great if you want a textured look. 

5. Pompadour

A pompadour looks a lot like a quiff, but you can see the difference by how neat it looks. In the above hairstyle, you curve back the tuft of hair at the front. In a pompadour, however, you sweep it back, making for a sleeker look.

Like quiffs, though, they’ve been around for a while. An extreme version of this exists and is the stereotypical look of a yakuza. This style does require something to hold it, like wax.

Like quiffs, as well, you can play around with the texture of your hair using hair products. It can be a bit messy, too, and you can combine it with an undercut or a fade haircut.

6. Comb-Over

Comb-over is yet another hairstyle requiring a sweep, but it’s often a sweep to the sides. Once upon a time (and today still), this became a popular hairstyle to cover a bald patch on one side of the hair.

The modern version, however, has a stylish enough look for young men with lustrous hair to don this hairstyle.

It’s perfect if you have medium-length hair. The result is an asymmetrical look that’s still flattering for your face.

7. Buzz Cut

For a simple yet modern look, a buzz cut is perfect. It’s a haircut wherein the barber cuts the hair as close to the scalp as possible without balding it. The types of a buzz cut include crew cut, flattop, and so on.

This has been a popular hairstyle for decades, yet it can still hold its own today because of its ability to highlight the face and make it look more defined. This is also a great look for those who want low-maintenance hairstyles or those who want to hide thin hair or receding hairlines.

8. Bro Flow

Of course, what’s a hairstyle list without the trendy bro flow for long hair? This look combines elegance and rugged, exuding a laid-back and carefree aura.

Cases in point are Kit Harington and Keanu Reeves. Both sport their natural hair texture with a flow hairstyle. This proves that this hairstyle is perfect for both straight and curly hair.

The needed maintenance for long hair aside, this is one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles for men. At most, you might only need a cream to push the hair back and you’re good to go.

Which of These Men’s Haircuts Suit You?

Which haircut works best for you? There is no definitive answer. The type that would suit you depends on your hair texture, the length of your hair, and how much time you’re willing to spend in styling it every morning.

If you’re liking one of these men’s haircuts above, though, contact us today. We may be able to help you choose products that would help you achieve it. 

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