Teddy Boy Hair: Hot or Not in 2020?

Teddy Boy Hair: Hot or Not in 2020?

Teddy Boy Hair: Hot or Not in 2020?

For the uninitiated, 'Teddy Boy' is the name of an iconic 50's hairstyle. Back then, the style was flamboyant, masculine, and exuberated confidence.

And if you think this sounds incongruent with today's styles, you could be wrong. Nostalgia is making a come-back, so teddy boy hair might still be hot in 2020.

Of course, the style has evolved. But if you’re a gentleman with longer hair, there are various teddy-boy-inspired hairstyles you can try.

So, what’s the verdict? Teddy boy hair: Hot or not in 2020? Continue reading to find out...

Style Icons Say Teddy Boy Hair Is Still Hot in 2020

That’s right. The return of this 1950s-inspired style is given the thumbs up by influencers like Justin Bieber, David Beckham, and Conor McGregor. It's edgy, non-discriminatory, and complements a variety of face and hair types.

At its simplest, this style combines elements of pompadour, fauxhawk, and fade. So, you can achieve a silhouette with upswept hair on the top-front, and shorter hair on the back and sides. This adds extra volume to your hair, with lots of styling potential. 

There are several variations on this style, with the oldfashioned Teddy Boy being one of the most daring. This is the most original and unique take on the quiff hair cut, with frontward curl that hangs down at the forehead.

If you’re aiming to blend in more, look at more modern variations of this style. Your barber will be able to inform you on your decision!

Anyone who wants to try this style should stock up on high-quality hair clay. Anchor has the best shape-making pomade for the teddy boy’s original style.

Who Can Rock This Style?

Here’s good news. This newly popular style can be pulled off by a variety of men with different hair types. Guys with round, square, or oval faces will benefit from this style as it adds a little length to the look.

Volumized hair on the top of your head, elongates the face as a whole and adds balance to stout or short facial features. Those with oval or rectangular faces get away with pretty much any style, the Teddy Boy included.

Medium-length hair is a requirement for the Teddy Boy to create that voluminous quiff. Your hair should be at least three inches long at the top before clipping it. But, not too long, as extra length prevents the hair from sticking up too much on top. 

This style works both for straight and curly hair and is easy to maintain with light oil-based pomade. So if time concerns are on your list of priorities, consider this one a solid option for you!

Is 2020 the Year to Bring Back the Teddy Boy?

The 50s are still very much a hit, and nostalgia never goes out of fashion. That doesn’t mean this hairstyle doesn’t have a modern twist. In 2020, teddy boy hairstyles are less slicked back and don’t rely on the forehead curl as much. 

Instead, new variations present a confident, wild, edgy, and casual style that complements almost any hair type and face.

The hair products you choose to style this cut will impact the quality of the look. So, to hit the ground running, peruse our men’s hair products to get what you need to rock this look.  

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