Staying Stylish: The Most Popular Uses for Pomade.

Staying Stylish: The Most Popular Uses for Pomade. | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.


Grooming isn't just for ladies anymore. Nearly 40% of men claim they perform a regular grooming ritual and take pride in their appearance, including a manicured main.

Based on these statistics, it's no surprise that men's hair and skincare products are hitting the shelves in record numbers. But how do you know which one to use? Gel, and wax, and pomade, oh my!

Don't worry. We're here to breakdown pomade uses along with the most popular hairstyles you need to try in 2021. 

Grab your comb and let's get started!

How to Use Pomade

Although different hairstyles require different techniques, the basic pomade uses and styling tips remain the same.

Pomades range in strengths and finishes from a light hold with a matte finish to a strong hold with a high shine. First, decide what look you're going for. Then, choose the appropriate product.

Next, towel dry your hair, leaving it slightly damp. Place a small amount of pomade in the palm of your hand.

There's no standard amount to use. Check the product directions and use common sense -- the more hair you have, the more product you'll need. Start small (you can always add more).

Rub your hands together to warm the product and then apply it, starting at the roots. Don't miss any spots. You want a 360-degree application. 

Then, comb it through, creating the desired look. Last, air- or blow-dry your hair to hold it in place.

Popular Pomade Uses

Now that you know how to use pomade, you may be wondering when you should use it. Pomade is the perfect hair product to achieve certain styles based on your hair type and preference.

Here are a few pomade uses to consider.

High-Shine Greaser Hairstyles

The classic greaser hairstyle was made popular in the 1950s thanks to Elvis Presley and James Dean. Today, this slick-backed look is synonymous with bad boys and hipsters.

A water-based, high shine pomade can help you achieve (and keep) this look all day long. 

Soft Textured Hold

If you prefer soft hair that you can run your hands through, there's a pomade for that too! Different from the greasy, all-day hold of a high-shine pomade, lightweight and matte products offer a more casual, textured finish. 

This look works best for guys with short to medium-length hair who want a messy yet put-together look. 

Professional to Party Animal

Knowing which pomade use is appropriate for which situation is another important styling tip. Opt for a soft, textured pomade with a matte finish to achieve a more professional look

When it's time to loosen your tie and hit the party scene, opt for that high-shine greaser look that's sure to get you noticed.

Versatile Style

Are you ready to switch things up or take your hairstyle to the next level? Pomade can help get you there!

Pomade uses vary greatly from holding a perfectly quaffed main in place all day long to creating a messy, sexy style. Its pliability is one of its greatest features. 

Some popular pomade hairstyles include the classic comb over, side part, quiff, and pompadour. 

Pamper Yourself with Pomade

There are so many awesome pomade uses, it's hard to name them all. First, decide on the look you're going for and then choose the perfect product to help you achieve it.

From all-day hold to textured flexibility, you can switch your style from daytime casual to nighttime party animal in no time. 

Browse our pomade products here and check our blog regularly for tips and tricks that'll help you put your best face (and hairstyle) forward! 


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