Pomade vs. Hair Gel: Why Use Pomade Over Hair Gel?

Pomade vs. Hair Gel: Why Use Pomade Over Hair Gel? | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

Pomade, Hair Gel, What The He[double hockey stick]**!?

If we learned anything from Pauly D's outlandish, high-rise hairstyle, it's that hair gel can do some pretty impressive things.

While the average Joe may not want a 6-inch high blowout, you still want your groomed hairstyle to stand out and stand up to whatever the day has in store.

When it comes to keeping your signature hairstyle in place, there are numerous products to choose from.

From wax and clay to gel and pomade, it can be difficult to know what each product's purpose is -- and even harder to decide which one you need.

Pomade and hair gel top the list of popular men's haircare products, but what's the difference?

Here, we'll settle the pomade vs hair gel debate once and for all!


The Main Difference Between Pomade vs Hair Gel

Both are haircare products for men. Both keep your hairstyle looking fresh, neat, and in place. So, should you use pomade or hair gel? 

Let's check out the key differences.



Pauly D is perfect proof of this first fact about hair gel -- it doesn't move! Once in place, gel offers maximum hold. The problem is, it becomes rock hard in the process.

Hair gel delivers the "wet", shiny look that most guys like and is relatively easy to wash out.

Hair gel can help you achieve pretty basic styles like spikes, a comb-over, or maybe a ducktail. For more complicated and involved hairstyles, stick with pomade. 

If you have fine or thin hair, gel can offer some texture and thickness. But beware -- using too much will weigh your hair down, causing your style to fall flat (literally). 

You might also find that once your hair gel is in place and dry, there's no going back. Unlike pomade, hair gel doesn't offer flexibility or pliability

Another downside to gel is unwanted flaking. Dandruff isn't a good look, even if the flakes are artificial.



Pomade receives several gold stars in the pomade vs hair gel debate. Not only is it healthier for your hair and skin but it's one of the most versatile hair care products available.

Pomade is the flake-free alternative to gel and is available in two types -- petroleum-based and water-based.

Petroleum-based pomade delivers that "greasy" shine and will hold your style all day long. Although it's a bit more difficult to wash out, all you need is a little patience and the right shampoo.

Water-based pomade is easier to wash out and offers a matte, textured look. 

An awesome feature of all pomades is the ability to restyle your hair throughout the day. Pomades don't harden the way traditional hair gel does, providing flexibility and giving your hair movement. 

Pomades work well with all hair types and styles but are especially successful for guys with thick, curly, wavy, or frizzy hair. By taming flyaways and adding moisture, pomade gives your hair an all-day healthy sheen. 


The Benefits of Pomade Over Hair Gel are Clear

Ditch that outdated bottle of hair gel and stock your shelves with the best and healthiest pomade products. Not only is pomade flexible and versatile, but it looks and feels amazing.

Achieve dramatic looks using strong hold pomade or more casual, messy hairstyles with a light hold product. 

The winner of the pomade vs hair gel debate is clear. So, what are you waiting for?

Browse all of our products here and check out our blog for awesome styling tips, tricks, and trends. 


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