Pomade And Everything You Need To Know

Pomade And Everything You Need To Know | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

 Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. That's why you always need to look your best.

Pomade can help you achieve that sleek, styled look that turns heads and delivers the confidence you need to succeed both personally and professionally.

But what is pomade and how do you use it?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about pomade and its many benefits.


What is Pomade?

In short, pomade is a greasy, waxy, or water-based substance used to style hair. The word pomade originates from the French word pommade which means ointment.

Different from hair gel, pomade offers more shine but less hold. It's flexible enough to reshape throughout the day and doesn't harden the way some hair gels do. 

With pomade, your hair maintains your style of choice but also remains soft and supple.

Pomade is available scented or unscented. It also comes in a variety of textures from light or medium to strong hold.


Types of Pomade

There are two popular pomade formulas -- water-based and petroleum-based. 

Water-Based Hair Pomade

Water-based pomades are easier to wash out and less oily than other varieties. They also create less buildup. 

Water-based pomade dries quickly, so if you want to restyle your hair during the day, you'll need to wet it again. It's also less shiny than some pomades and offers a more matte look.

Petroleum-Based Hair Pomade

Petroleum-based pomade is the more traditional choice and delivers that sleek, shiny style most guys are after. The formula consists of grease, petroleum, paraffin, and other waxes.

Although these pomades are harder to wash out than water-based products, they provide a strong, all-day hold. They're also more flexible for restyling and provide added moisture to your hair.

You may find that petroleum-based pomade causes some buildup and makes your hair look greasy.


Different Holds for Different Folks

There's a pomade for all hair types, lengths, and styles. You can also choose from different sheens and holds.

Hold and shine are the two most common features of any pomade product and are classified as light, medium, and strong. 

Light Hold Pomade

Light hold pomade doesn't weigh your hair down, allowing for movement and easy restyling. It's best for guys with:

  • Fine or thin hair
  • Wavy or curly hair
  • Medium to long hair

If you're looking for a loose style that's easy to reshape, this is the right type of pomade for you.


Medium Hold Pomade

Medium hold pomade is best for creating textured, slick styles or that spiky look. It works best with short to medium length hair but may also work well with fine or thin hair types.

While you can reshape hair using medium hold pomade, it can be tricky.


Strong Hold Pomade

It's all in the name. Strong hold pomade is the strongest of the bunch and will hold your style all day long. 

This pomade is best for guys with medium length, thick hair who are trying to achieve a high volume look. You can also use strong hold pomade to straighten your curly or wavy hair.

Just remember that once it's in, strong hold pomade is difficult to wash out and reshape or restyle.


Pomade for All Styles and Hair Types

Whether you have long wavy hair or short thin hair, you'll find a pomade that fits your style and needs. 

Now that you how to use pomade and the benefits, it's time to start shopping! We're your one-stop-shop for men's hair, beard, and skin care.

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You can also check out our pomade tips and style advice here to guarantee you always look and feel your best!


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