Men's Grooming: 9 Things That Every Man Should Own

Men's Grooming: 9 Things That Every Man Should Own | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

Men's Grooming Essentials: 9 Things That Every Man Should Own

If you're ready to take your grooming habits to the next level, here are 9 men's grooming essentials that every man should have in his arsenal.


Grooming’s no longer just a girl’s game.

Men are now stepping up their efforts as well. They’ve seen the light, and now spend more time and money than ever before cultivating luscious locks, soft skin, and a winning wardrobe.

Indeed, men spend 83 minutes per day on average on their grooming routine. The same source reveals that younger men even spend more cash on the task than women do!

Clearly, men everywhere are taking their physical appearance more seriously.

Are you looking to do the same? The battle to look sharp will be infinitely easier with certain men’s grooming essentials to draw upon.

In fact, there are 9 things no man should go without. Want to know what they are?

Read on to discover the essential grooming products every man needs in his house.

1. Face Wash

First and foremost is a functional face wash.

After all, no grooming routine is complete without a well-tended visage! It’s key to keeping yourself looking youthful over time. Unfortunately, like all grooming products, not all face washes are made equal.

Remember, the skin on your face is particularly sensitive, and you need to look after it. You want to gently unclog your pores and get rid of excess surface cells. The trick is to find an exfoliating face wash that’s neither too coarse nor acidic.

Natural ingredients are best; try to avoid microbeads if you’re environmentally-inclined.

2. Face Moisturizer

Next up comes the moisturizer.

Now, a regular moisturizing regimen might be totally new territory for some men. However, it’s worth the effort. Face moisturizer helps prevent the signs of aging, allaying lines and wrinkles, and keeping your skin youthful and soft in appearance.

You can’t just go out and buy any old moisturizer though. It needs to be specifically oriented to your skin. For instance, opt for oil-free moisturizers if your skin’s already oily by nature.

Got sensitive skin? Avoid alcohol and fragrance-based balms. Does your skin tend to be dry? Well, look for moisturizers with ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

3. Hair Pomade

Needless to say, hair is front and center of any grooming routine.

Nobody wants a bad hair day. If you’re graced with luscious locks of any length, then you owe it to yourself to make it shine. Again, though, hair products are individual by nature.

Two people can have totally different hair. The hair product(s) they need varies as a result. Like choosing the perfect moisturizer, find a hair product that works for you.

Avoid excessive oil, and use a pomade that’s easy to wash out.

If you're interested, our hair products are some of the best in the business.

4. Shaving Cream

Beards are most definitely in vogue at the moment.

Every man and his dog seem to sport one.

However, for any clean-shaven fellow, quality shaving cream is another key ingredient to successful grooming. Alas, that metallic shaving foam can in your cupboard won’t cut it any longer.

It’s time to move onto something bigger and better. You want to find a shaving cream that’ll do your shave justice. Get the closest shave possible with natural ingredients that lift your facial hairs and open your pores. Succeed, and you’ll be looking and feeling fresh in no time.

Of course, a high-quality razor makes a difference too.

5. Eau de Parfum

There’s nothing more disappointing than looking great and smelling awful.

Finish off the perfect shave with a few pulse-point sprays of signature eau de parfum. The scent itself is of paramount importance! You want to walk through the day emanating a sweet-smelling fragrance for yourself and others to enjoy.

Never apply cologne excessively though. It should be understated, masking any unpleasantness, but not invading others’ olfactory space.

For a novel scented experience, look into buying solid cologne instead. Never heard of it? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a bar of sweet-smelling cologne that you dab and apply with a finger.  

6. Stache Wax

It’s time to turn to the hairy faces amongst us.

As we’ve noted, there’s no shortage of mustaches and beards around these days. Facial hair of all shapes and styles adorn the chins and upper lips of men around the world. Grooming is essential for keeping it in check.

Let’s start with the staches. Stache wax will help you cultivate the epic mustache you’re after. Think of it as pomade for your upper lip. Mold your stache into any shape you’re after and keep it looking awesome all day long.

7. Beard Oil

Next up is beard oil.

There’s a mighty difference between an unkempt grizzly-bear beard and a well-tended one. Proper beard grooming is crucial to stop it from getting out of hand.

Is your face weighed down with a brilliant beard? Be sure to invest in some oil for it. The oil will care for both the hair and the skin underneath. You’ll enjoy newfound moisture and cleanliness while smelling better in the process.

Here are some more beard grooming products to consider.

8. Soap/Shower Gel

Nobody wants to rock the smell of man sweat in the office.

It’s never pleasant.

Save everybody from the stinging nostrils with some quality body soap or shower gel. Now, newbies to the grooming game might be rejoicing at a grooming essential they already have! Alas, the discount gel hanging in the shower isn’t good enough.

Seek high-end soaps and gels with natural ingredients that are right for your skin. They should smell epic and lather up like a treat!

9. Deodorant

Finish the new olfactory experience with a quality deodorant.

Again, you may already have one in the bathroom cabinet. And again, it’s time to invest in something new and altogether better for the task.

Underarms are another area of sensitive skin. Deodorant companies fail to appreciate that fact though, filling their products with chemicals that harm and irritate. It’s unnecessary.

You can find all manner of deodorants with natural ingredients. You walk through the day smelling great and with none of the irritation.

Time to Purchase these Men’s Grooming Essentials

There’s more male grooming going on than ever before.

All around the world, men are investing time, effort and money in how they present themselves. However, there’s a significant difference between products and processes out there.

Newbies to the male grooming scene can feel overrun with the options at their disposal. Struggling to know where to start? Hopefully, the men’s grooming essentials we’ve highlighted here have helped!

Looking to buy any of the products we’ve listed above? Click here to browse the quality options we have for sale.  

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