How to Use Pomade on Curly Hair: The Hair Best Tips

How to Use Pomade on Curly Hair: The Hair Best Tips

How to Use Pomade on Curly Hair: The Hair Best Tips

What if curly hair no longer limited your styling possibilities?

Many people with curly hair feel like they are stuck with only one or two looks. But once you know how to use pomade on curly hair, you unlock a world of stylish possibilities.

Wondering what pomade can do for your own curly hair? Keep reading to learn all about it!

What Does Pomade Do?

We've put together a comprehensive guide for how to style your curly hair with pomade. First, we must explain what pomade is and what it can do.

In look and feel, pomade is a bit like hair wax. However, pomade has a specific function: to add slick and shine to your hair. And different brands have different levels of both shine and hold.

Pomade can help your hair hold certain looks, allowing curly-headed people to unlock brand new hairstyles. And even if you keep a similar style, pomade adds a textured look that makes your hair look stylish and sophisticated.

To this day, pomade is associated with classy celebrities and vintage fashion. And it can help you really unlock some "old school cool."

Old School Cool

Do you still need a mental image for what pomade can do to hair? Here are two words for you: Elvis Pressley.

While it does not have actual grease in it, pomade gives hair a somewhat greasy look. In fact, the "greasers" of the 1950s typically used pomade to give their hair the characteristic "slicked back" look.

And the conservative, "combed-down" look of pomade was popular in the business world as well. If you've been wanting to unlock your inner Mad Men look, this is a great way to do it.

Now that you know more about what pomade is and what it can do, here is our guide for how to style your curls with it.

Start with Wet Hair

It's a misconception that you put pomade in when your hair is dry. Instead, your hair should be damp: you've dried it a little bit with a towel but it still retains the amount of moisture we need.

The reason for this is that pomade is chemically activated by water. If you put it into completely dry hair, it wouldn't do anything except to make your hair feel weird and nasty.

It's easy to make pomade part of your morning routine. Take a shower, let your hair dry a bit, and then start to apply it.

Roots First

It will take some trial and error to figure out how much pomade you need for your amount of hair. Where should you apply it? Start with the roots of your hair.

The goal of pomade is to help you shape your hair's style. And that all starts with the base of your hair.

Eventually, you'll comb this through the entirety of your hair. But step one is to massage it into the roots of your hair. After you target the roots, you will be able to unlock some cool new styles for your hair that are sure to impress your friends and family.

Moving It Around

After you target the roots, the next question is obvious. Where should you spread the pomade?

The short answer is "wherever you want to shape the look." Some people put the pomade throughout the entirety of their hair (this is easier if you have short hair). Others leave the back of their hair alone and instead concentrate on the front and the sides of their hair.

You may choose to spread pomade evenly for aesthetic purposes. For example, pomade provides that slick sheen we mentioned earlier. If you leave the back entirely untouched, you may end up with hair that is half shiny and half flat.

Long story short? As with figuring out the right amount of pomade to use, it will take some trial and error to figure out how much of your hair you want to cover.

Combing Through

The last step is when you begin to truly shape the hair. For men, this usually means combing through their hair.

Combing your hair helps you more evenly distribute pomade throughout your hair. Many men merely apply the pomade to their roots and then let the comb distribute evenly.

This is also a chance to make the slick aesthetic look more uniform. For example, if you have too much pomade in one section, you can comb it through any hair strands that need it until everything looks good.

Worried that this will make everyone look alike? You can still take the time to break apart and shape individual curls with your fingers. This provides a "sexy and tousled" look that the pomade helps keep in place most of the day!

Time to Dry

Your hair should stay damp the entire time that you apply the pomade. That brings us to another question: how do you dry your hair when you're done?

It's fine to let it dry naturally. This is a solid option if you will be commuting to work, and it can even save you a few minutes in the morning that would otherwise be spent fiddling with a hairdryer.

However, the hairdryer does offer some unique benefits: for example, it helps keep your hair in place longer, and it can provide the hair with a bit more bounce and texture.

Ultimately, which choice is best comes down to you and your hair preferences.

Water Is Life

So, what happens if you stay out a little too late and your pomade look is starting to fade? It's time to return to "step one."

As we said, pomade is activated by water. A little bit of water and finger sculpting can help bring your look back to life. After just a few minutes, you can return to the party looking as good as new!

How to Use Pomade On Curly Hair: Your Journey Begins

Now you know how to use pomade on curly hair. But do you know who can provide you with the best selection of pomade?

We specialize in products to sculpt and shine your hair and beard. To see how we can help you "level up" your look, contact us today!

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