How to Style Thick Hair on Men: 10 Hair Styling Tips for Men With Thick Hair

How to Style Thick Hair on Men: 10 Hair Styling Tips for Men With Thick Hair | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

How to Style Thick Hair on Men: 10 Hair Styling Tips for Men With Thick Hair

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How to Style Thick Hair on Men: Are you having trouble styling your thick hair? We put together ten hair styling tips to help men with thick hair.
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how to style thick hair on men

Unlike thin hair, thick hair is dense. By dense I mean, you have more than 2200 hairs per one square inch. Hair’s density is measured according to the number of hair strands per one square inch. Most people with thin hair find thick hair very attractive, but as a man with thick hair, you probably understand how hard it is to style it.

Thick hair takes a little bit more work than thin hair to style and Understanding and embracing its extensive nature will make it easier for you to choose the hairstyle that works for you. Using the right hair products like a good moisturizer, a blow dryer, a buzz cut, and the proper thinning techniques will also cut the time you spend styling your hair.

Are you having trouble styling your thick hair? We put together ten tips on how to style thick hair on men.

1. A Faux Hawk

One of the advantages of thick hair is that it can be designed with tons of height. The faux hawk was brought into fame in the year 2000 by David Beckham. Though the style is a bit dated, it has undergone various changes making it one of the most preferred hairstyles by men with thick hair.

The faux style is not only chic and edgy but is also suited for various settings like a professional environment. The secret to styling the faux hawk is using the right hair products to even out your hair on the sides and style the center of your hair to a different look.

2. Quiff Style

If you want a hairstyle that is classy and appropriate for any event, whether formal or casual, choose the quiff style. Quiff style is suitable for thick hair because it is eye-catching. This style works well with medium sized thick hair.

To achieve the desired look, make sure the front hair is longer than the rest when getting a haircut. For a classic look, sweep back the front hair with the parting. If you choose to go for a more laid back look, go against the direction of growth and curl at the ends.

3. Pompadour

Some styles don't exactly go with certain face types, but the pompadour style works well with all the face types. For thick hair, this style will give you a smarter look.

To achieve this style, ensure the front hair is longer than the back since the back hair will give the front something to lay back on.

4. Side Parting Haircut

To give your thick hair a clean and sharper look, try the side parting haircut. This style is achieved by keeping the sides shorter on the top. But beware, shorter thick hair can be quite uncontrollable so make sure the hair on the head is longer.

5. Plain Buzz Cut

If you are still wondering how to deal with thick hair, consider a buzz cut because it is all about shaving hair to small size, closer to the head. Although this style requires regular trimming, you won’t have to worry about hair thickness.

With this style, you don't have to worry about being fashionable as it is a chick and classy and it never gets old. It is also simple so it will save you lots of time.

You can also consider going bald like Dwayne Johnson. The blunt style will completely solve your thick hair problems if you find it hard to get time to sit at the barber shop or if you can't keep up with the different hair products.

If you are willing to take risks, then consider these two.

6. Box Fade Style

This is another way of how to style thick hair on men. It is suitable for those with fitted and thick curls as it creates a dated look and It tends to give one a softer look, hence its popularity.

7 "Bro Flow" Style

Brow flow is another hairstyle tip you should consider. Depending on your preference, this style can differ in length, but it's best if it's long. This hairstyle is best for those who prefer tucking their hair behind the ears while being refined.

While getting the cut to consider few long soft layers that will thin the appearance of your hair and make it fall more naturally.

8. Beach Waves

Dealing with thick and wavy hair can get tiring. Quality hair conditioner is all you need to pull this look. Beach waves are seamless for getting that elegantly laid-back look you have been desiring. This style does not require much work. By using the right conditioner, you will be amazed by the soft tumbling waves you will get.

9. The Caesar Cut

Another excellent style you should consider is the Caesar cut. This style is stylish and defined by a cropped fringe and buzzed sides. The back hair is characteristically combed to the front and set with a styling product.

Like the buzz cut, Caesar cut is classy and straightforward to maintain.

10. A cut That is Shaggy and Brush

If you want to stand out, try the Shaggy bush haircut. Use a texturizing cream to separate the pieces and layers of your top hair and style the front pieces facing forward. The top pieces should be in a different direction for the perfect results.

How to Style Thick Hair on Men

Hair is an extension of an individual’s persona. When you choose the style that works best for your hair, you will not only get a chic and edgy look but also accentuate your looks. Granting that thick hair is voluminous and cumbersome to style, using the right hair products for thick hair and a buzz cut will be the first steps to a more fabulous look.

By adopting the above hairstyle tips, you will solve the mystery of how to how to style thick hair on men. Keep in mind the key to having a perfect look is regularly trimming your hair to remove split ends and any damage and using the right hair products.

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