History of Men's Hair Product: Style Through the Ages

History of Men's Hair Product: Style Through the Ages | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

    Just like fashion is constantly changing, so have men's hairstyles. Through the ages, the type of look and men's hair product used has adapted with the changing trends.

Read on for some insight about the history of men's hair, and how today's products have adapted to create the modern looks you see today.


The Roaring 20's: Slicked Back

Throughout the 1920s, men's hair was slick, smooth, and combed back against the head. Over time, this look morphed into a classic side part, but the slicked aesthetic stayed.

The most popular men's hair product during this time period was a thick pomade used to keep hair in its place. Many men enjoyed a center part and used a classic comb to create the perfect part so that their hair had a defined section either in the center or on the side.


Men's Hair Product and Styles In the 1930s-1940s: Elegant Waves

Thanks to the rise of the Hollywood star, men's hair began to transition from sleek and slick to wavy and full. Celebrities like Clark Gable really put the wavy hairstyle in the spotlight during these decades.

When it comes to choosing the right product during this era, men turned to a variety of items to keep their waves looking fresh. Pomade was still the star of the show during this time since products like gel and hairspray hadn't been developed. 

The glamorous man of Hollywood (whether he was a real star or not) chose wavy or curly hair on top. However, men with thinning hair chose to go with a combover to create the illusion of a full head of hair.


Rock n' Roll Hairdos: The 50s and 60s

From Elvis to James Dean, men's hairstyles started to adapt to the new rock n' roll lifestyle. These 'dos included everything from the famous pompadour to the "greaser" look made famous in films like West Side Story.

To keep this hairstyle in place, most men used a comb or brush to style it, then finished it off with a gel you could find at most drugstores. With the invention of gel, the slick, rebellious look of the 1950s and 1960s was achievable. 


1970s-Present Day

Over the following decades, men's hair changed from long locks to short, refined coiffes. As trends changed, so did the look that many men wanted to achieve.

Regardless of whether he was a rocker hitting the stage or a refined gentleman, men's hair products adapted with these new styles to help make it easier to achieve. Gel, hairspray, pomade, and even new products like hair clay have all changed to make it easy for men to create the ultimate hairstyle.


Men of Distinction

While men's hair has certainly changed, so have men's hair products. From a classic pomade to gel and beard oil, there are plenty of classic styling products along with new innovations to make maintenance easy.

To shop our line of handcrafted men's hair, shaving, and grooming products, visit us or contact us today to learn more.



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