Why a Flexible Pomade is a Must!

Why a Flexible Pomade is a Must! | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

Hair Flexibility and why it’s important!


Growing up, I always had super cool hair that was the envy of many across the planet (at least I thought so…) Yes I had a rat tail… Yes I had a bowl cut… Yes I rocked a faux hawk… But my mom always threw in a rad little design or a strip of a different color to make it that much more special!

Like many families, my family didn’t have a lot of money so we could never afford newer brand name clothes. My mom learned early on how to keep us looking trendy on a budget by buying newly arrived thrift store clothes or getting hand-me-downs from church friends. She also learned how to cut our hair different ways so we always stayed fashion forward.

When my brother became old enough to style his own hair, he learned how to “frost the tips.” Who was his guinea pig you ask!? Yes… Me! Haha… I learned at the age of 12 that blond hair is NOT my color!  

We used to buy gels and petroleum based waxes because they were easy to cheap and easy to find.  I never had a good sense of how important pliability was until I was older and in cosmetology school. I had the honor of attending the TONI&GUY Hair Academy in Dallas, TX where they really pushed the more expensive premium products. Their product lines are all owned by TIGI which include BedHead, Catwalk and tons of others.

When you invest a little more money into a hair product, you usually get what you pay for. Pliability and how well the product washes out are the reasons I started paying more per product. Yes preservatives and vitamins are important too, but let’s be real… Usability is the real reason we spend our money!

 I will admit that I touch my hair a lot! When I’m stressed, I play with my hair… When I’m nervous, I run my hands through my hair… I found that gels and heavy petroleum based pomades weren’t allowing me to do that. My hands would either not go through my hair or they would be so greasy after a few touches and my hair would NOT stay put.

When I started Anchors Aweigh, I knew that I had to have a product that offered pliability and memory. Teddy Boy Original (which back then I called Shape Maker) was and still is a premium, pliable product at a much smaller price tag.

For a $30 2oz jar of sumotech by Bumble and Bumble, you’ll get the same results as a $12 2oz jar of Teddy Boy Original. The balance of water, oils, waxes and film formers are key in achieving these results while the little bit of coconut oil helps the product wash out with easy.  All of the products here were designed to keep pliability in mind. I do have a strong hold pomade coming out soon that won’t be so pliable, but there are several others to choose from if pliability is your thing.

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