7 Reasons Why Pomade is Better When Handcrafted

7 Reasons Why Pomade is Better When Handcrafted | Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

Why Buy Handcrafted Men's Hair Products

Open a jar of handcrafted pomade and the quality is immediately realized. You can rest assured knowing you're using a safe, well-made product that was made by an individual with care. Here are seven reasons to choose handcrafted, every time.

1. Pomades w/ Natural Ingredients

Perhaps the number one reason to buy handcrafted is knowing the extent of ingredients in the pomade you're using. We should all want to use the purest and healthiest ingredients in our hair and on our skin. The effects of natural ingredients are more understood than those of synthetic ingredients. You know that taking care of your body is important, so you should be careful to not use products that degrade your quality of life. Not only are handcrafted pomades created with natural ingredients, but they can have amazing results.

2. Pomade Integrity

While handcrafted pomades are usually all-natural, many conventional styling pomades are a health hazard. Parabens are used in many mass-produced products to extend their shelf life. While most people consider them safe, studies have linked parabens to many acute and chronic health conditions.

These conditions include allergies, organ toxicity, endocrine disorders, reproductive issues, and even cancer. Conventional products also tend to contain phthalates as a solvent, often disguised as "fragrance" on labels. Studies have shown that phthalates can become trapped in our bodies forever. If that isn't disturbing enough, they are also known to cause similar health problems as parabens. Parabens and phthalates only scratch the surface of chemicals commonly found in mass-produced products.

We won't even get into the harmful side effects of chemicals such as sulfates, toluene, propylene glycol, and formaldehyde (yuck)! Even scarier, there are likely side effects of these chemical ingredients that haven't been discovered yet.

3. Best for Sensitive Skin

Chemicals used in main stream styling pomades can cause redness, irritation, and facial breakouts. You might even be allergic to some chemicals or fillers used in conventional products. Natural products work to enhance your hair and skin, not against them. If you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, you might benefit from

4. Better Quality Control

Handmade means that each pomade is individually inspected, ensuring the highest quality project ends up in your hands. While factories do have quality control standards, the workers enforcing them do not always have the consumer in mind. They focus on whether or not the product is "good enough," while artisans want their products to be perfect.

When you specialize in a handful of products that are crafted with care, you want to make a great impression. The creator is always their worst critic.

5. More Ethical

If ethics guide our lifestyle, why shouldn't they also guide our shopping? Store-bought products can be seriously damaging to the environment. We've already talked about how damaging mystery chemicals can be for your body – imagine what effect they have on wildlife and the environment. When you buy handcrafted styling products, you can feel good about washing them down the drain. You can also trust that handcrafted products have not been tested on animals.

The Food and Drug Administration does not require animal testing, but many companies insist on performing them. Rather than creating products with ingredients that are proven safe, these companies choose to inflict harm on animals to make an extra dollar. Artisans who craft handmade products are so familiar and comfortable with their ingredients that animal testing is unnecessary.

6. More Sustainable

Makers of handcrafted products are slowly reversing the negative impacts of large-scale manufacturing. Companies intentionally design products with short life-spans, which forces consumers to buy new stuff. To cut costs, they also outsource labor to developing countries that pay poor wages and have lazy safety standards. This leads to the unfortunate exploitation of workers. Handcrafted products take longer to make, but makers are more familiar with the sources of their materials.

They also create domestic jobs. Now that makers can use the internet to sell their handmade products, their reach has grown. They can sell their products to consumers around the world, making them available to all. By buying handcrafted products, you are supporting a future of high-quality, fairly traded products. In the future, this will lead to an economy that puts people before profit.

7. Celebrate Creativity

The benefits of buying handmade do not end with supporting the economy. It's incredibly rewarding to know that someone put love into creating the product you're using. When you choose handcrafted men's hair products, you're choosing to be unique. You're not settling for a mass-produced, one size fits all solution. Buying handcrafted products acknowledges the skills of the creator, not a machine. Each item was crafted with love for you to enjoy and appreciate, which enhances the experience of using it.

By choosing a handcrafted, small batch pomade, you're supporting a small business, which keeps creativity alive. You're supporting craftsmanship as a feasible career choice.

Live Life Handsomely Our handcrafted grooming essentials are unlike anything else that's out there. Feel good about your purchase and be in control of what comes in contact with your hair.

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