4 Simple Ways Men Can Take Their Hair to the Next Level

4 Simple Ways Men Can Take Their Hair to the Next Level

You don’t want to spend hours in the morning getting ready like many females prefer to do. But you also don’t want to go around looking like a generic, unmaintained dude. So, we’ve put together this list of four simple ways you can take your look from dude to dapper.


Get An Actual Hairstyle for Men

The easiest way to take your appearance to the next level is to let the professionals do all of the hard work for you. There have been plenty of great hairstyles for men come out over the years, so there’s no reason to settle for a buzz cut.

But here’s the secret; if you plan on getting a real men’s hairstyle, do not go to some random walk-in salon you just found as you were taking the dog for a walk. Spend some time to find a men’s hair salon, hair stylist or barber shop. If you’re going to go the extra mile to get better hair, you want to make sure it gets done properly.


Maintain The Beard

If you have facial hair, make sure you also have a collection of men’s grooming products. Even stubble should be groomed to ensure a dapper appearance. So, whether you’ve got some scruff coming in or a full beard, get in the habit of using beard oils and beard balms.

Beard oils help keep your skin and facial hair moisturized, and are crucial for getting that healthy, groomed, masculine appearance. Beard balms are used to moisturize, soften and shape your facial hair into the masterpiece that it is.


Try Different Beards

Perhaps you’ve always been the clean-shaven type of guy. Well, an easy way to take your appearance to the next level of manliness is to grow a beard. Whatever facial hair you can grow, whether it’s stubble, a 5 o’clock shadow or a full-grown beard, let it do its thing and see what type of responses you get. There are plenty of stories of guys who have never let their facial hair grow, only to give it a try and discover that women find them incredibly more attractive with it than without. Some people look younger; some people look better suited for the promotion they’ve been going after and others discover that it just feels damn good to have some facial hair. So, give it a go and see what you think. Just don’t forget to use essential grooming products, such as a beard comb, beard oil and beard balm if you’re really going to let that bad boy grow.


Use Real Shampoo and Conditioner for Men

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If there’s only one bottle of men’s product in your shower right now, you are guilty of making one of the most common grooming mistakes. The good news is that it’s the easiest one to fix.

Many generic companies have produced these three-in-one products or body-and-face-in-one soaps for men with the hopes that we’re too dumb to realize what this can actually do. Spoiler alert: Most of us were.

However, different areas of your body need different ingredients. What your body needs may be too harsh for your face, and the soaps that clean your face may not be good for your scalp and receding hairline. In other words, put down the one bottle of who-knows-what and invest in real shampoo and conditioner for men. Yes, two separate bottles for two separate formulas designed for two separate tasks. It takes only a couple extra seconds in the shower and can drastically enhance your appearance.


Shop our collection of masculine grooming products for men at Anchors Hair Co and discover just how simple it is to take your look from dude to dapper.

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